• GIST:

    SWM RFID system is implemented in all Panchayats of West Godavari as an initiative for real time monitoring of Solid Waste / Garbage collection from house holds, a step-ahead towards Swach Andhra Pradesh cause.

  • USP:

    All the houses summing approximately to 7 lac in Panchayats of West Godavari are installed with passive RFID tags and are geo-tagged. Mobile micro-usb based RFID Scanners are used by Green Ambassadors in the panchayat to Scan the RFID tag affixed to every house after garbage collection as per schedule. Real time monitoring is done at various levels of Panchayat Raj Department across the District. This is one out of the nine projects of Andhra Pradesh which won SKOCH - order of Merit Award for 2017 under Blue Technology category.